Welcome to Eve Service Corp

Hey all!

Welcome to EVSCO (Eve Service Corp) Hosting – A joint venture between eve-kill.net (Ralle030583), killmail.org (Karbowiak) and mindflood.org (Beansman)! At this page you can create your own FREE personal killboard (Pilot, Corporation or Alliance, all are welcome). We also offer other hosting types, have a look at the pricing menu!

What’s the catch?
Well, we actually removed most of the catches! Now we only add an Adsense banner to the pages if you are not paying!
How do i remove the ads?
Just do as the creation mail tells you, wire the isk amount you want to Eve Service Corp stating what the mail told you, and Voila! Max. 1h later you are running a full Premium killboard
I want you to fetch kills from my API key, but i don’t want to pay!
Please feel free to create a killboard. You don’t have to pay anything to use the API feature!
How do i contact an admin?
Come to #ESC @ irc.coldfront.net (Live Support).
Or use our Support Forum

We hope to see many satisfied customers! Please write a couple of nice words on our Eve-Online forum thread. EVSCO has started a pledgie campaign, to get us a new server. Reasons behind this and more can be read on the campaign site (http://pledgie.com/campaigns/9435)

Russian creation guide!

Random MonDistinct has granted us a gift for all the Russian players, that use EVSCO killboards. He has made a guide you can find Russian Setup Guide. Many thanks Random MonDistinct <3

Merry Christmas and a Happy New YearThe EVSCO Team

Hello all!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the EVSCO team! 2009 has been an interesting year, we’ve had a fantastic growth thanks to you, the eve community and customers! Some numbers to put it into perspective:

In a year we’ve gone from 200 to more than 1500 hosted killboards.
We had 1.000.000 killmails a year ago, today we are nearing 5.300.000.
We are currently having 600.000 monthly visits to the killboards.
Our servers handle more than 2.000.000 hits a day!
We went from a load balanced solution with up to 4 servers to a single monster that can handle everything.

As always, we strive to be the best and cheapest killboard hoster. To obtain this we are fetching killmails from 411 other killboards and from more than 600 Full Api keys! The combination of this ensures that you will always have the latest killmails! And remember, we offer free feeds for everyone, as long as they don’t abuse it. We also started having lotteries, and over the 21 lotteries we held, we had a ticket sale of 45.853.200.000 isk. That’s 45 BILLION isk!!! Lotteries is currently on a hold, since it’s damn hard to sell tickets. But expect to see more! We have had great success with our Live Support, and as always, you are welcome to drop by for a chat about almost anything. So, what can we expect of 2010 from EVSCO? We are working closely together with Kovell, who is the main developer of the eve-dev killboard (which is the foundation we have built EVSCO on), so you can expect to see some changes the next year. We will be modifying and upgrading the codebase to match the latest eve-dev code. We will also be creating some extra tools for API and feed handling. Lotteries, yes we will be holding more of them! Just have to find some nice prizes! All in all, it has been a very exciting year for EVSCO and we thank everyone who has been a part of making this a success!

Best regards, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from EVSCO,

Ralle030583, Karbowiak and Beansman

This is made for all the people, who don’t want to spend time on setting up and maintaining a killboard.