Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the time bonus mean?
1a. The time bonus is calculated upon how much risk you pay, if you pay for a corp board for 6 months (29400000 isk) you get a 10% time bonus
which gives you 6.6 Months of the killboard

2. How do i purchase an advanced board?
2a. You create the killboard under “Create Killboard” and when you’ve activated it, you go to the admin panel, click payments and read. There is also a small Guide in the Payment panel on how to do it, in 3 languages (English, Russian, and German)

3. I don’t have a domain, what do i do to get one?
3a. Come into the Live Support and have a chat with us, we won’t bite

4. I have a domain, what should i do to get it showing as my killboard address?
4a. First, you need to be sure you can setup a-records if you can – come into Live Support and have a chat with us

Terms of Service


1. The purpose of this page is to ensure the quality of the EVE Service Corp service for its customers. And to preserve the reliability of this service
2. From here on EVE Service Corp is mentioned as EVSCO

General Rules

1. Failure to comply with any of the regulations in this subcategory will result in the immediate termination of your service
2. Adding any mail that is invalid, fake or otherwise not accurate, is NOT allowed
3. Editing or changing any mail with the purpose of altering its original accuracy is not allowed
4. Any intentional action that by any means interrupts the service of the EVSCO killboards is prohibited
5. Accessing the feed for the purpose of causing increased load on the server is not allowed, and will result in an ip ban from the service
6. Using the EVSCO database and feeds for the purpose of data mining, to gain an unfair advantage over corporations/alliances is not allowed
7. Placing commercial advertisements, be it links, images or any other form, is not allowed


1. Items listed in this section are guaranteed by EVSCO as a term of service.
2. In the event a payment is forgotten, the killboard will continue to function. However only as a basic killboard
3. Under no circumstances is a refund guaranteed by EVSCO. Refunds, however, may be administered at the discretion of the killboard administrators.
4. EVSCO will not release API Keys, Emails or Passwords to the public or anyone else, without the prior consent of the killboard renter

EVSCO cannot be held responsible for any injury and/or damages done to yourself, your surroundings or any third parties