Tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

domain-namesChoosing your business’ domain name is very important since it is just like choosing your company’s name. You, therefore, need to put a lot of consideration and thought because your business’ domain name will be like its identity on the web. You should, therefore, ensure that the domain name that you choose will not only fit your business but will also be easy to promote and find. To secure your business website, you must not forget to use a VPN. You can get VPN IP address from your VPN provider after your actual IP address has been masked. Here are tips that should guide you when choosing your business’ domain name.

  • Use Keywords. When choosing your domain name, you should first write down a list of keywords that will explain your business. Your domain name should highlight at least your company name or the name of any product that you sell. A good domain name should be able to explain what’s on the website.
  • Keep it Short and Simple. Ensure that you choose a domain name that is short and simple. Using a long or complicated domain name is not recommended since your customers can mistype it or misspell it. By keeping your domain name quick and straightforward, your customers will be able to remember it easily.
  • Don’t Use Numbers and Hyphens. Numbers and hyphens can be easily misunderstood. If someone hears your website address and there are numbers in it, it will be difficult to determine whether you are using the numeral digit or whether you have spelled it out.
  • Check if someone is already using it. When coming up with your domain name, you should make sure that it is unique. If you choose a domain name that is already in use somewhere else, then your customer will be confused as they will not know which domain name belongs to your company. Copying someone else’s domain name could also result in a huge legal mess that can cost your business a fortune.
  • Use Appropriate Domain Name Extension. Every URL ends up with either .com, .net, .org or . Gov. These are what are known as extensions. You should choose the right extension for your domain. For example, .gov are always reserved for government institutions while .edu are reserved for institutions of higher learning. In your case, you should start with a .com for your business.